Happy Mother’s Day! Mother’s Day Brunch and Flower Market–Regina Muses

Happy Mother’s Day!

Who doesn’t love fresh flowers? Add locally and organically grown, bee and butterfly friendly, and beautiful! That is what’s available from the New Orleans Flower Collective. I enjoyed classes at these local flower farms a couple of years ago and have been slowly adding more flowers to my surroundings. Environmentally friendly growing techniques often in containers and raised beds are not only healthy for the bees and butterflies, but also safer to put on our tables where we eat with our loved ones. Not only do restaurants, special events, and weddings rely on local flower growers to supply them, but many people also have fresh flowers delivered weekly to their homes. On Sunday, we are in luck! The annual Mother’s Day Brunch and Flower Market will be held at Clouet Gardens, 707 Clouet St., New Orleans, from 10:00 to 2:00.  We can shop for lovely, fresh flowers as we listen to music and dine to our hearts content. For details, visit Facebook/NewOrleansFlowerCollective.

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